Objectives of the Website

The mission of the Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research (OBSSR) is to:
Enhance behavioral and social science research in the NIH integrate a bio-behavioral perspective across the research areas of the NIH, and encourage the study of behavioral and social sciences across NIH's institutes and centers.

Reflecting this mission, the e-Source online resource for Behavioral and Social Sciences Research advances the methodological skill set of new and established researchers on the latest research methods, approaches and translation of BSS research.

It also provides an easy means by which investigators can efficiently obtain answers to emerging methodological concerns. Specifically, it:

  1. Demonstrates the considerable potential of BSSR to enhance biomedical research;
  2. Serves as a resource center for the most current and high quality BSS research methods with references to and examples of well designed studies in BSS research and information on how to easily and efficiently obtain authoritative answers to methodological questions;
  3. Provides information on how to integrate BSS research into a variety of biomedical research activities; and
  4. Updates and strengthens the impact of BSS research by identifying consistent and high quality standards for the research community.
Accounts on the OBSSR e-Learning site enable you to save notes as you read the contents of the site.  Notes are a way for you to save a spot on the site with your own comments and title applied to it.  Think of it as putting a sticky note paper in a book to remember a place and leave a thought or two of your own for later reference.