Observational Studies

13. Author Biography

Richard Berk, PhD, formerly a Distinguished Professor of Statistics at UCLA, is a Professor of Criminology and Statistics at the University of Pennsylvania. He works on a wide variety of issues in criminology: inmate classification and placement systems, law enforcement strategies for reducing domestic violence, the role of race in capital punishment, detecting violations of environmental regulations, claims that the death penalty serves as a general deterrent, and forecasting short-term changes in urban crime patterns. He is equally active on a range of methodological concerns: causal inference, statistical learning, and methods for evaluating social programs. Professor Berk is an elected fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, The American Statistical Association, and the Academy of Experimental Criminology. He has published 13 books and over 150 book chapters and articles. His most recent book is the controversial Regression Analysis: A Constructive Critique (Sage Publications, 2004). He currently finished up another book, Statistical Learning from a Regression Perspective, published in the Springer Series in Statistics, 2008.